Smart Sustainable Urban Development

At Koordinat we support cities, developers and innovators in creating liveable, sustainable and smart urban solutions.

"Godt begyndt er halvt fuldendt" - Well started is halfway completed

This Danish expression illustrates the value of starting in the right way. Koordinat gives urban innovation projects the right start that sets them on course for sucess. 

Well before the first bricks are laid, the first tenants move in, or the first data is delivered, it is important to have the visions, strategies and process structure in place to ensure strong and successful projects. This is what we do at Koordinat. We ensure a good start to any project through an A-Z understanding of city and innovation projects, so that the ensuing process runs smoothly and that the results live up to every ones hopes and expectations.

With an extensive background developing urban, smart city, sustainability and urban security projects, we combine a unique understanding of how cities work with an in depth knowledge of new solutions and the mechanisms needed to implement them in real life.
It is our firm belief and experience, that many of the solutions needed to create liveable, sustainable and smart cities are already out there, but that the implementation and adaptation of these solutions need strategic coordination and drive - This is what Koordinat does.
We specialize in supporting cities and urban developers in the creation and implementation of new solutions, that add value to both the city, its users and landowners.

"Everything we do - is driven by you"

Brian May, Queen


Citizen and user engagement is fundamental in the successful (re)development of urban spaces and implementation of new solutions. This is therefore at the very core of our way of working and an integral part of all our projects. Everything we do, is driven by you - the users, the owners and everyone else.


Liveable cities are the goal for Koordinat. The physical surroundings that we live in, are the result of complex processes. Technology, architecture, social dynamics and process design are just some of the ingredients needed to create liveable, sustainable and smart cities. At Koordinat we combine these ingredients to ensure the best possible outcomes.  

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Smart City 

Smart City solutions have the potential to make our cities and buildings more liveable, sustainable and smart. We focus on combining the technical possibilities with user needs, to ensure user friendly solutions. At Koordinat, we combine this user centric approach with strategic and hollistic considerations to ensure that cities and buildings are liveable, sustainable and smart at every level.  

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Environmental, social and financial sustainability are key considerations in all our projects. We integrate them in the programmatic phase, so that they are a natural part of any project. We combine high ambitions with a pragmatic consideration of the context to ensure the best solutions in the given challenge. 

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Cities are a reflection of how we are as a society. They are the collective result of many individuals working together, under the given circumstances of that age. We have to ensure that the layers that our generation adds to cities, and that our generation lives in, are not defined by the lowest common denominator, but by the best that we can achieve together.

Thomas Sichelkow, Founding Partner



Koordinat is a Danish company with international roots. We are engaged in projects throughout Denmark and selected projects across the globe. 

We cooperate closely with a number of different companies, to ensure a broad holistic approach to urban development and innovation.



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