Koordinat is an interdisciplinary consultancy firm focusing on city innovation. We have a fundamental understanding of the different elements and partners needed to create liveable, sustainable and smart cities and innovative solutions.

We have extensive experience from the public, private, NGO and funder sector and can therefore navigate through complex organizations and projects at everything from the grass roots level, to minister, mayor and CEO level and everything in between.

Thomas Sichelkow - Partner

Key Competencies 

  • Urban Development

  • Innovation implementation

  • Process design

  • Hollistic sustainable design

  • Innovation and Enterprise leadership

Thomas Sichelkow is an experienced urban developer, with hands on experience from leading a wide variety of public and private projects in Denmark, Singapore and Australia.

As head of development for Denmark’s biggest green field development - Vinge, and from leading urban projects for the City of Copenhagen, Thomas has a comprehensive understanding of the processes that evolve cities. This has been supplemented with several years working in the NGO and funder sector focusing on innovation, sustainability and smart city solutions.

The common denominator for Thomas’s work has always been understanding complex challenges and organizations, and getting people working together to ensure optimal solutions and engagement from users, practitioners and city leaders.

Thomas holds degrees in Urban Design from Denmark and Australia, focusing on process design, citizen engagement and urban development/transformation. He is a regular guest speaker and facilitator around the world, for example for the Chairman of Greater Copenhagen and the Technical Mayor of Copenhagen at the World City Summit in Singapore.

Kim Luu - Associated Partner

Key Competencies

  • Smart City

  • Business implementation

  • Technical planning and design

  • Startups

  • Project Management

Kim Luu is an expert in the field of digital solutions. With over 15 years experience as part of multinational corporations, the public sector and as an entrepreneur, Kim has a holistic understanding of tech related challenges and how to solve them. 

Kim combines a practical and methodical approach to problem solving, based on his engineering background, with a pragmatic business understanding of how to implement new solutions, and how to coordinate them with long term strategic thinking. 

From his technical background, and subsequent experience in the practical field, Kim has a fundamental understanding of the challenges of implementing new solutions and how to make them work on all levels. 

Nanna Bay Müller - Project Manager

Key Competencies

  • Urban development

  • Process management

  • Transforming complex challenges into structured pathways

  • User/citizen engagement

  • Interdisciplinary project management

Nanna has worked as project manager at different public sector levels combining management visions and concrete project reality within a broad interdisciplinary landscape.

The common denominator for Nannas work is transforming complex challenges into structured pathways. Nanna is pragmatic and straight forward with a respectfull approach towards all involved.

Nanna holds a degree in Public Administration supplemented by Process Management, focusing on process management, urban development and user engagement.



Koordinat is a Danish company with international roots. We are engaged in projects throughout Denmark and selected projects across the globe. 

We cooperate closely with a number of different companies, to ensure a broad holistic approach to urban development and innovation.



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