Smart City

Smart City

Smart City solutions have the potential to improve the liveability of cities, and optimize the sustainable use of existing infrastructure.

However technology and innovation are not enough in themselves. Amongst other things, they have to be integrated into existing organizational structures, adapted to user needs and tried and tested before they can become part of the toolkit for cities and building owners.

At Koordinat we have an in-depth knowledge of new innovative solutions and their potentials, and the organizational structures and processes they need to be integrated into. We use this knowledge to ensure that the potentials are reached, whilst at the same time securing public backing and uptake.

We also develop Smart City strategies for cities and challenge owners. This is done through a 360°
approach to the challenge, and a holistic methodology. Our end goal is that the technology possibilities are reached, that the challenge owners have a visible success and that the daily users - both citizens and administrators - experience improvements in their daily lives.



Koordinat is a Danish company with international roots. We are engaged in projects throughout Denmark and selected projects across the globe. 

We cooperate closely with a number of different companies, to ensure a broad holistic approach to urban development and innovation.



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