Sustainability can take on many shapes and sizes. Traditionally sustainability has been equated with environmental sustainability, especially focusing on green house gas emissions and climate change. However other parameters such as social and financial sustainability are also important. Liveable cities for all requires carefull consideration and planning, so that visions of vibrant green communities can be translated into reality. Local ownership of projects, realistic finances and environmental sustainability solutions are just some of the elements needed, so that for example urban districts become sustainable overall. 

The reduction of Green House gas emissions is a given for any project that Koordinat is engaged in. We do this with a combination of ambition and pragmatism, based on a belief that we must do all that we can to raise the bar, but never loose sight of the people and organizations that we strive to help. 

At Koordinat we are committed to supporting the UNs´ Sustainable Development Goals and playing our part in mitigating global warming to well below 2 °C as set out in the Paris agreement. 

Koordinat is committed to the UNs´ Sustainable Development Goals. We especially focus on eight of the goals, to play our part in "achieving a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030".



Koordinat is a Danish company with international roots. We are engaged in projects throughout Denmark and selected projects across the globe. 

We cooperate closely with a number of different companies, to ensure a broad holistic approach to urban development and innovation.



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