Liveable cities are the result of many complex elements being put together at the right time, in the right place, by the right people. What works in one city, or even in one neighbourhood, might not work in another if simply copy/pasted. 

At Koordinat we specialize in designing the right processes that ensure liveable cities for all. We have a thorough understanding of not only urban design, innovation and people, but also experience of how to achieve the best possible outcomes in any given circumstance. It is our firm belief, that if the initial stages of a project are thorough and comprehensive, then the subsequent stages will reach their full potential and reach the end goal of liveable, sustainable and smart cities. 


  • Vision and strategy development

  • Citizen engagement strategies

  • Coordination of ambitions and the distillation into clear goals

  • Financial evalutation and development of built environment strategies

Modern urban environments can be daunting and lack the human scale. Despite plenty of accumulated knowledge of how to create liveable cities, it is not always incorporated into planning, visions, and coordination between different owners. 

With hands on experience from leading the biggest urban development in Denmark - Vinge - we know the pitfalls and opportunities in urban development, and how to ensure that visions are translated into reality. 

Master Plan for Vinge developed by Henning Larsen Architects and EFFEKT. Film developed by EFFEKT for Frederikssund Municipality

Vinge is the biggest Urban Development in Denmark. The founder of Koordinat, Thomas Sichelkow was Head of the Vinge team at Frederikssund Municipality for 5 years and responsible for the development from initial idea, to established project with the first people having moved in to the Delta District of Vinge. 

Vinge was developed around core values of sustainability, smart city and community. We therefore have a wealth of understanding og the value of strategies and how to implement them. 

Urban Development is also about how to visualize ideas and ambitions. This movie was produced so that potential buyers could get a sense of the first district in Vinge - The Delta District. 

The district has a new typology for the area - two story houses on very small lots of land in green areas. All lots of land were sold far quicker than anticipated. 



Koordinat is a Danish company with international roots. We are engaged in projects throughout Denmark and selected projects across the globe. 

We cooperate closely with a number of different companies, to ensure a broad holistic approach to urban development and innovation.



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